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My name is Bala Paranj. I have a technical background. I am currently working on finding qualified prospects to have one on one conversations to discuss the frustrations and challenges that they are facing at work.

My desired outcome is scheduling one on one Zoom call via scheduleonce scheduling tool. I have read the book They Ask, You Answer. Since my outcome is not selling, I have done keyword research and have collected the questions relevant to my market. 
  • How do I go about applying the principles of They Ask, You Answer for my situation? 
  • What search intent category should I target in my content? 
I am not sure whether I should target informational, navigational,  commercial or transactional search intent.
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Nick Bennett
can you provide a link to your site/product/service? not sure I'm following. who are you looking to have these conversations with?

on the surface, it seems like you could contact existing customers, LinkedIn connections, and even members here in IMPACT+  and set up short interviews to uncover the challenges they face at work. 
Bala Paranj
My market is developers who use OpenAPI specification. At work in this context means API developers and their development workflow environment. I don't have any product to sell. I don't have any existing customers. The calls are problem discovery calls where I want to find unmet needs in this development market. I appreciate any pointers for this situation.
Nick Bennett
If you don't already know what issues and problems these developers are facing I would join communities where OpenAPI specification developers hang out and survey them or invite them to a call.
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Winnie Anderson
Well I'd start with making connections to these people through your existing network first of all. It sounds like you're doing informational interviews. So you're going to have to find a reason for these people to take time out of their day to make time for you. There needs to be something in it for them. Maybe you can compile the data and produce some sort of report like "5 problems every _______ wants from ______" (where the first blank is a profession or job title and the 2nd blank is a type of software or API)

As for using TAYA....I'd create some content that discusses the costs of software and the costs of choosing the wrong solution.

You could write an article about the jobs and how the tool you're talking about could help them. 

You could look at becoming THE expert on the challenges developers have, the options they have for solving those challenges. 

Hope that helps or at least sparks some ideas.
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