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Lex Russell

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Hello! Not sure if this is the right place to post this but here we go!

I've been at my current company for about 2.5 years. Since I've been there, WordPress updates and WP Plugin updates have never been prioritized. I've been trying to fight to get them updated as I know it is a security risk and I understand it could break our website if they get TOO out of date.

I'm now in a position to make recommendations on how to move forward. The agency we currently use for website updates is charging $160 an hour and estimates that our WordPress + Plugin updates will take around 10 hours at the least - so around $1,600 total.

Once we get to that point, with everything updated, can I go in and perform the updates every week or is that risky? We have a custom website so I'm worried about anything breaking, but it seems like most people perform updates on their websites themselves from my research.

I also looked into WP maintenance plans such as WPSiteCare and maintain that seem like they might be worth the money so that we don't get into this situation again and everything will be updated consistently.

I would love to hear how other people maintain their WordPress websites when it comes to updates - do you do it yourself, use a service, or use an agency?

This is our website in case that matters:

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John Bendever, Jr.
Hi  Lex Russell  - I know we do not know each other personally, but WordPress is how I make my are not necessarily stuck with them.  If you want to connect to share more details with me, maybe I can help guide you to a service that is far more economical and would (most likely) offer better results.

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