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Jimmy Beasley

Adversity cause some men to break, others to break records

Dear iMPACT Plus Team,  I have finally completed this course over the weekend, 
Inbound Lead Generation & Conversion Optimization
Now the pros for this course are as follow very useful and helpful information. It will take me a while to absorb and comprehend. But I think I understand what Carina Duffy is saying here. 

The only thing, coming up with the right headline, is finding the right words to get people to download my free download.

The second course I have completed this weekend. 
Crafting "Selling Seven" Videos That Convert

Love the course the most. Will Schultz , some of the content he provided in each of these videos were very helpful.

The only thing that worries and concerns me is that after I completed the course, if I did everything wrong and backward, and raises just one major question. Do I need to start over?

And last but not least. This is the final course I have completed. 
19 conversion and content offers that generate leads

I love how Kevin Phillips   laid out and structured and easy to follow.  But I have also noticed by comparison alone, it will take some to strengthened my own lead magnets with differents ones until I find the one that speaks my voice, ( if that makes sense)
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Jimmy Beasley
Kevin Phillips  , right now since no money to upgrade Mailchimp from basic to free I can't add my lead magnet. Please any ideas on what I should do. 

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