Most effective criteria to clean disengaged non-customers?

Posted January 13, 2022 in
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Mark Reynolds

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Having watched the IMPACT course on cleaning up data, I'd love to hear what others are doing. Of course, what lists you create will depend on your business, but I'm generally interested in different approaches. 

In the aftermath of the iOS 15 Update in Sept 2021 and now not being able to accurately measure email opens, what are the most effective criteria (across all properties) to clean disengaged non-customers from HubSpot?  

Clicks and replies may be a better measure of engagement than opens, but when it comes to marketing emails, just because they don't click or reply, they could still be a good lead...especially if there's no reason to get them to click anywhere, just reading the email is fine. So I'm not sure the email properties are great now for deleting contacts.

I know it may be different for everyone, but just interested to hear people's take on this please. 😊
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Alyssa O'Mara
With most of my clients, we are now validating emails, but we aren't cleaning them out unless they don't pass validation. We don't really know who is reading what anymore, so why remove a possible opportunity? They did give us their email. Basically, we're sitting tight until we learn a new way to measure effectiveness. It's a good question though and I'll be interested to hear what others say.
Mark Reynolds
Thanks Alyssa and Carina. Some kind of reengagement campaign over a few emails, like you mention in the course? Maybe over a few emails.
Carina Duffy
I was going to mention something similar  Alyssa O'Mara ! It's getting harder and harder to use engagement criteria for cleanup - not only because of open and click data not being reliable now with Apple Mail, but also because of less cookie tracking on the website. Interested to hear other perspectives as well!
Alyssa O'Mara
Carina Duffy  We're like this! :-). Glad to know that there's one vote for wait and see.

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