Messy Workflows: a cautionary tale.

Posted March 22, 2023 in
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Hey HubSpotters, 

Are you working on cleaning up your workflows this week?

A little something the HubSquad (HubSpot Trainer Team at IMPACT) noticed about the new clean up workflows feature:

The clean up suggestions are based on very generic requirements, and could cause problems with your workflows if not properly investigated.  

Example: You have a workflow with multiple branches. Each branch accomplishes very different tasks/activities. You run the "clean up workflow" function and it is recommending that you combine all branches into one. 

In this case, I would not clean up the workflow, as it could cause future problems. While it is nice to keep things tidy in HubSpot, the old adage "if it isn't broken, don't fix it" comes to mind. Stick with your multiple branches and avoid future headaches. 

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Daryl Michel
Well-[hub]spotted!! thanks for pointing this out.
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Connor DeLaney
Will Smith  is there a way in HubSpot for the system to tell you that one workflow will influence the other? 

I've been working with a couple teams recently on this and I'm not sure the best way to make sure by updating something in one place it won't replicate or cause issues with another workflow.
Will Smith
Connor DeLaney - great question!

There is nothing that is built into HubSpot that gives a high level overview of which workflows interact with each other.

This is why...before creating workflows, I recommend that HubSpotters map out the potential pathways before digging in and constructing the workflows in their HubSpot. It saves time and headaches.

A built-in "map view" would be a great addition to HubSpot. The idea is out there, so if you're reading this, please upvote it in the HubSpot Community. 
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Connor DeLaney
Will Smith  Upvoted, thank you sir!
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