Measure Twice, Cut Once.

Posted October 25, 2022 in
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Mandy York

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Today’s thought- we have to do better at measuring twice and cutting once in videography. It’s so easy to say “Oh I’ll just fix this in post” and every single videographer has a horror story of the trouble that got them into. So here’s my handy list of things we can do as video professionals to ensure that we are doing things correctly from the ground up!

  1. Frame it correctly DURING the shoot. 
  2. Check the white balance. Use kelvin. Don’t rely on the camera to do the thinking for you. 
  3. Taking 5 minutes to do a test shot is not a waste of time- it’s essential to good filmmaking. 
  4. Double check the audio levels and feedback. 
  5. Yes you do need to check the gimbal in app- I know you’ve done it by hand a thousand times, but if you don’t check this will inevitably be the time you’re 1 degree off. 
  6. Manufacture the b-roll if you have to. Yes you are going to need it. Yes it feels silly to ask them to do something they wouldn’t normally. Just do it so you’ll have it.
  7. No you won’t remember to sort that into the proper file structure later. Just do it now. 

This is definitely not an exhaustive list, it's just the most common inner thoughts I have on shoot days. If you've got anything to add- I'd love to hear it!
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Devon McCarty
Garbage in, garbage out. Sure we can do a ton of post-prod work to save a project...but how much faster could we be if we started from that great point of going "I CRUSHED that shoot!"? 

The only thing I'd add is at the end of your shoot is to try and get one more video in. 

Is there another question they've been asked recently? Something great that happened with a customer? Have they been promoted recently and need a new bio video? 

Getting them in front of your camera is often the hardest part. It's a great habit to try to turn ever shoot, into a batch shoot. 
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