Managing multiple sales pipelines

Posted March 19, 2021 in
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Rebecca Whitney

Long time marketer, first time caller.

Is anyone using more than one HubSpot pipeline? We have three pipelines and now have a need to have different default fields for one of them. It doesn't look like it's possible. Trying to find any handy solutions. We have one idea, but it's a bit of extra work and probably annoying for users. Thanks in advance! And thanks,  Stephanie Baiocchi  for letting me know about this!
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Chris Greene
yes i have 5

Connor DeLaney
How'd you go about setting them all up  Chris Greene ?
Nick Bennett
Hey Rebecca Whitney , I actually just consolidated all of our pipelines into 1 over the weekend.

When we were using multiple pipelines I used this process to make the relevant info visible on the sidebar based on what pipeline it is in.

Let me know if I misunderstood your ask!
Carina Duffy
Hey  Rebecca Whitney ! Totally picking up what you're putting down. Just to confirm - you're talking about default fields that are required when a user is creating a deal? Or are you talking about the fields that show up on the lefthand "About" side of the deal record?
Connor DeLaney
We're so happy to have you  Rebecca Whitney ! Let's tag some HubSpot experts that may be able to help. 

Nick Bennett   Carina Duffy   Jessica Palmeri  does this sound like something you've built out before?

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