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Hi everyone, 
I'm the sales manager for a software company in Florida. We build and sell software that helps RV dealerships grow. 

Finding new sales hires has been very tough for us. We are building a powerful culture and finding cultural fits alone is tough. When we add on finding people who "get" inbound marketing and are willing to let go of old ways of selling...our search has become daunting to say the least.

We are about two months into implementing TAYA in our company and we have a long road ahead of us. So we need someone who gets it and is very adaptable. 

So, do you know anyone with an extremely positive outlook, fun personality, and desire to grow who is looking for a sales job, and has the capacity and willingness to adapt Impact methodologies? 

This is a salary plus commission role. We'd love to have someone work on-location in Jacksonville, FL but we are open to remote work for candidates that are highly driven, organized, and well-versed in Impact sales strategies. 

I am also open to suggestions on how to conduct our search better!

-Ryan W.
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Connor DeLaney
Ryan Winter fantastic question! The place to start for me is your job description. Are you making it clear what the goals and outcomes are in the role?

The second thing is be searching for the characteristic of open-mindedness when it comes to sales strategies. In my experience, sales can be slow to adapt They Ask You Answer but if you find the right person willing to learn and try something a bit more "unconventional" they can be trained as long as they meet the baseline requirements.

Would love to hear from a few members on this as well: Chris Pintarich , Melissa Prickett Chris Marr , ☒ what say you?
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Melissa Prickett
Hi Ryan Winter
I'm an almost 20-year sales veteran here at IMPACT Plus so I've been through a few job searches in my time.

Remember, they are interviewing you just as much as you are interviewing them so are you attractive in not only your job posting like Chris Pintarich said, but in other areas when they "Google". you as well?

You don't have to find someone who is "IMPACT-y" or "loves TAYA" but you do want someone with a growth mindset and someone who is obsessed over learning. When I was interviewing at IMPACT (after meeting  Stephanie Baiocchi at the Chicago HUGs) I had never heard of TAYA, but you better believe I read that book as I was going through the process and read a whole bunch of pages on their website. That in itself showed my future (now) employer that I embodied some of the core values they were seeking and could be a good fit.
Other things to consider are: 
1. is hiring remote an option?
2. will those with a sales AND marketing background be well qualified?
3. where and how long have you been looking?

I think any good sales professional in 2021 has to recognize that most of the buying decision happens before someone reaches out to your company to engage in a conversation and those that are human, holistic, and helpful are going to be the ones who are going to succeed in today's digital world vs. someone with a track record of overperforming.

I hope that helps.

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Chris Pintarich
Ryan Winter , Finding a sales person is one of our toughest headaches right now. We have tried Indeed, discussed recruiters and also talked to our key referral sources. 

We are more interested in trying to find someone that will be a cultural fit for our team but stress the importance in the hiring and interview process that TAYA is a priority and is part of our culture. If you are able to find a sales person that fits into your team and has an open personality then teaching TAYA in my opinion is the easy part. 

A couple things that were recently pointed out to us: Check glassdoor.com to see if there is anything bad/misleading about your company. We found out that there is another Berry Insurance in the Midwest that didn't have favorable reviews. Also what does your job ad say, ours stated nights and weekends and that may not be appealing to some. Is the salary and commission clearly spelt out in your add or is it kind of vague. (Like I mentioned, we just had a group of other sales professionals give me these tips) Good Luck

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