Looking For a Video Shoot Waiver

Posted February 20, 2022 in
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Larry Kagan

WANTED: More Qualified Leads

Is anyone willing to share a waiver agreement they ask people to sign when filming them in their videos? Pretty please.
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Christian Reynolds
Hey Larry, are you looking for something like a model release form?
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Larry Kagan
yes. Exactly. Thank you, Christian.
Larry Kagan
My email is larry@baronpayroll.com
Christian Reynolds
Hey Larry, I just sent it to your email. You have to do some formatting and check clauses to make sure it fits your needs but its a great starting point.
Connor DeLaney
Alex Winter   Megan Lang We must have a form laying around somewhere, right?

Lindsey Auten or  Devon McCarty  know anyone who may have something like this?

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