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Larry Kagan

WANTED: More Qualified Leads

We have two local competitors that recently sold to large national companies. Their URLs are now forwarded to the giant company's websites. I am looking for a way for buyers to find our company when they are searching for the local companies that sold their businesses. What is the best way to do this? How can Baron come up in a search when buyers are searching for the sold company's old brand that no longer exists? How can Baron Payroll come up in a search when the buyer is searching for Ace Payroll, NY?
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Bob Coppedge
Winnie, great idea. I think discussing the value that competent and engaged local ownership brings to the table (McDonalds burger versus...) is great positioning. This is especially true since the clients of both purchased companies originally had that "local kick" and are probably a bit concerned about being considered one of the "billions and billions served."
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