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Posted April 8, 2021 in
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Kaitlyn Pintarich

Friends, what Chat feature do you use on your website? What do you love? What feature do you wish it had?

We use Hubspot right now for the chat on our site, and I'm not thrilled. Looking for alternatives!

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Nick Bennett
Also here to suggest Intercom or Drift. I've heard good things about Ramble but haven't used it personally.
Stephanie Baiocchi
Oh man, I used HubSpot chat for the longest time and finally gave up. It works for small, basic things but it really is just not where it needs to be. I do like Drift but it depends on your needs, as Connor said. The app is great and responding is much easier. 
Connor DeLaney
Are there any specific features you're looking for in particular  Kaitlyn Pintarich

We use Intercom here in IMPACT+ but it's a very robust tool with a lot of features that you may not need. Drift is certainly a popular option as well.  David Little and  Myriah Anderson have used Drift a lot in monitoring our website, would love to hear their thoughts as well. 
Kaitlyn Pintarich
Thanks Conor! In my discussions with Chris M. it could be that its my phone that doesn't like Hubspot app more than anything else. :-) Basically I'm looking for more flexibility in responses and customizations based on where people initiate the chat from. We've enlisted Jess P. help so I'm confident you guys will steer me right! :-)
Connor DeLaney
Ahh yes,  Jessica Palmeri  is a good person to have on your side with that :) Excited to see what solution you end up with!

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