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Posted July 16, 2020 in

Chris Duprey

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For those who don't know me, employee engagement is a huge topic I care about. Frankly, we have a huge problem in the workforce with respect to this. Too many people simply go to work, do the minimum to simply not get fired and collect their paycheck. 

I believe that work can be a place where people come to actually do their best work. Where they can scratch their creative itches and truly add value to the world.

This engagement problem isn't a one-sided problem. It's not managements fault and its not the employees' fault. It is a collective problem, that will take collaboration to truly solve. 

Whether you're a senior leader or a fresh to the workforce employee, what are some ways you think we can increase employee engagement at work? How can we bring up these ideas and bring them to life?

Can't wait to see y'all's thoughts.

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Natalie Davis
Great topic, Chris Duprey . I think it all comes down to people being in the right seats. Think about the last time you were so into what you were working on that hours flew by like minutes. Maybe you worked straight through lunch or dinner without even realizing it, or stayed up hours past your "bedtime" out of excitement for what you're doing. That's genuine engagement.

What were you doing during that time or any other time like it? Does your profession relate to it at all?

While we can provide our employees with training and tools that support engagement, if they aren't passionate about the role itself we'll never get the engagement level of someone who is. 

I think the best thing we can do for our employees and our businesses is to find the core of what people are passionate about and make sure they have the right role at our company, or allow them to leverage that passion elsewhere.