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Posted September 20, 2021 in
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Blake Cormier

IT Nerd Turned Content Writer

Hey there Content peeps!

I'm excited to show off our brand-new Learning Center at E-N Computers:


We've had a "learning center" button on our menu bar since our website relaunch last year, but it was pretty terrible - basically just links to our blog archive and some other random pages. Our category/tag structure was a mess too, with tons of duplicates, meaningless categories, and everything else you'd expect from 10 years of Wordpress.

So I spent the last few weeks rebuilding our taxonomy structure so that it (hopefully) makes more sense to our target audience. I added Industry and Persona groupings, and broke everything out by content type. Then I put it all together with a fancy AJAX search & filter plugin... et voila!

Shoutout to Adam Stahl -- even though he's moved on to bigger & better things, I would be lying if I said I didn't shamelessly copy borrow some ideas from draw inspiration from his very well-executed version at Kelser.

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Tom DiScipio
Blake Cormier You crushed it! I remember seeing the "before" version of this section, and what you've turned it into is really impressive. No shame in a little R&D (rip off and duplicate) from our friend  Adam Stahl . He know's a thing or two about a thing or two :).

As you continue to iterate this section of your site, definitely consider bringing more of the resource content above or at the fold. This would help to create immediate clarity for new visitors that this is a resource section versus another type of page, and could also save the website visitor a few hundred pixels of scrolling.

Keep doin' what you're doin' man!
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