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Posted September 20, 2021 in
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Blake Cormier

IT Nerd Turned Content Writer

Hey there Content peeps!

I'm excited to show off our brand-new Learning Center at E-N Computers:


We've had a "learning center" button on our menu bar since our website relaunch last year, but it was pretty terrible - basically just links to our blog archive and some other random pages. Our category/tag structure was a mess too, with tons of duplicates, meaningless categories, and everything else you'd expect from 10 years of Wordpress.

So I spent the last few weeks rebuilding our taxonomy structure so that it (hopefully) makes more sense to our target audience. I added Industry and Persona groupings, and broke everything out by content type. Then I put it all together with a fancy AJAX search & filter plugin... et voila!

Shoutout to Adam Stahl -- even though he's moved on to bigger & better things, I would be lying if I said I didn't shamelessly copy borrow some ideas from draw inspiration from his very well-executed version at Kelser.

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Connor DeLaney
Super exciting  Blake Cormier ! Congrats to you and your team. How is your team planning to use the learning center now? Would love to hear a bit about your strategy now that it's up and running. 
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Blake Cormier
Thanks Connor! We have a couple of goals with the learning center. First of course is sales enablement -- we want to be able to find content that's relevant to a particular prospect or situation quickly. (What's cool is that if you select some filter options, it gives you a URL that will go directly to that exact search.)

Second, we are making an effort to publish more content that is useful to our existing clients as well as prospects later in the sales cycle -- things that answer questions about the specific services we offer and how they work (the article on Backups & Disaster Recovery is an example.) So we're going to have account management use the learning center to educate existing clients, which hopefully will train clients to use the learning center themselves to self-educate.
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Connor DeLaney
Heck ya! That's fantastic Blake Cormier , plus like you said, there's so much more content to begin creating for the bottom of the sales funnel + existing clients that you can then use to bulk up earlier funnel articles. LET THERE BE CONTENT! 
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