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Posted February 23, 2022 in

Bob Ruffolo

CEO of IMPACT, student of marketing, sales, leadership and people, avid reader, needs to pick better sports teams.

This is the most overlooked marketing and sales strategy.

Looking back at any time we’ve had to move a number at IMPACT, just asking people for their business has served us very, very well.

When we needed to sell out an event, we saw great results when we said “Who should be there that’s not registered? Have we reached out and asked them to attend?”

The same is true when we needed to generate new clients, acquire members, develop partner relationships, recruit great talent, etc.

This does not mean sending out more mass marketing emails. Nor does it mean copying and pasting lame messages on LinkedIn.

It’s knowing you have the perfect product for certain people you know and reaching out to them, 1:1, in a human-to-human way, and just asking.

There’s a lot of magic that can happen when you just ask.
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