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Callum Harland

Helping visitors experience the magnificence of World Heritage Park Tongariro, NZ.

Hello from New Zealand !!

I'm on a mission to create a pillar page. My first attempt. The page will be an "ultimate guide" to help anyone wishing to hike the world famous Tongariro Alpine Crossing.

My question:

I will write a detailed description of the track itself. It will include geology, volcanology, vegetation, physical features etc. Do I include this in the pillar page or as a subtopic as a blog post?

How does one decide to include all the juicy details in the pillar page or as blog post

The search term Tongariro Alpine Crossing receives 15,000 searches per month. Then there's weather, shuttles and map which receive around 5,000 searches collectively. After these key words the monthly search volume drops off significantly.

I've completed Liz's excellent course on pillar pages as well as Hubspot's course by Justin Champion.

Thanks so much in advance for any advice !!

Best regards, Callum
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Nick Bennett
Callum Harland -- here is a good example of how we do this at IMPACT .. www.impactplus.com (Website Redesign Guide)

We have a section in the pillar about "why you should redesign your website" but also an article dedicated to the subject and goes into much more detail.  The pillar links to the article, the article links to the pillar. 
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Callum Harland
Excellent, thanks Nick ! This is very helpful. Much appreciated !! 
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