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Posted April 20, 2021 in
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Manjunath Muniappa

Social Media and Network Marketer

Hello Impact Plus Warriors,

This is Manjunath from Bengaluru, India.  Very happy and fortunate to be part of this awesome community of like-minded individuals who are masters in their own rights.

I'm a freelancing social media marketer and as part of my research to help a client of mine, I landed up in this community.

I believe I am welcome to this community and I can contribute to its success in any way possible from my side.

I shall be asking queries related to my domain, and I hope there are like-minded, open-hearted individuals ready to help me out.

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Connor DeLaney
Welcome aboard Manjunath Muniappa ! Happy to have you here. As something to get started with here in IMPACT+, Stephanie Baiocchi created this great course on social media marketing that may be valuable to you and your client:

Fundamentals of social media marketing
Manjunath Muniappa
Thank you Connor DeLaney for the welcome message.  Very much appreciate your suggestion and course for me.  Thank you once again.
Connor DeLaney

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