It was us! We did this! We are the rising tide we cannot resist

Posted November 4, 2022 in
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A quick test (you'll get at least 70%)
Are you acquainted with They Ask You Answer? I know you are! We can do a little test to prove this:
I could put the number 70% up on the screen and ask you what that number means.

You’ll tell me “That’s an easy one Jonathan, you’ll find it in Chapter 2 of Marcus Sheridan’s book.” 

Well done! Exactly! It’s where he writes:

Today, on average, 70 percent of the buying decision is made before a prospect talks to the company.

Is it 70% or is it 80%?
I was watching Marcus speak at an event in the UK just this week. I’m pretty sure the number he had up on his screen was 80%. He did warn us that number isn’t going to dial back. Yes, it’s the rising tide. The audience didn’t even contest it.

It’s a frightening fact, isn’t it? It tells us that the role of the traditional salesperson is diminishing. People are self-educating and making their minds up on their own.

They weren't loving it
I could feel that the audience didn’t like that number. But seconds later there was applause and laughter. The laugh was on them. (Well, us actually.) We did this. 

The fact is, when we’re talking about consumers, we’re talking about ourselves. And realising there was no escaping that truth is the very thing that had a room full of business people laughing out loud (LOL).

So, this makes you extraordinary
So, here we are. We’ve all decided to embrace the TAYA journey - and we work hard, hard, every day to lead the rest of the business through this process. It takes courage and an extraordinary amount of self-awareness to embrace it. Why do I say you're extraordinary?

  • We recognize that things are changing. Most people struggle with that.
  • We see it in ourselves, and we accept it for what it is. Too many others look the other way.
  • We realise that it is our responsibility to do something about it. Most people don’t like to take responsibility.

And, because we’re not like most people, we will stand head and shoulders above the competition. We just need some time, determination and to get stuck into our TAYA journey priorities. Keep making those 1:1 videos. Embrace assignment selling.

Just between the two of us:
If you’ve read this far, I’ll give an alternative heading to this article. I want you to imagine you’re saying this to your competitors, but don’t ever let them hear you saying it:

This is us. We are doing it. We are the rising tide that you cannot resist.

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