Is the traditional inbound funnel dead?

Posted September 22, 2022 in
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Patrick Burmeier

Inbound Marketing Consultant | Certified They Ask, You Answer Coach

Hi everyone, 

I shared this question already with my fellow TAYA coaches:

There’s a lot of talk in the community that lead nurturing is no longer working and the traditional (inbound) funnel is more or less dead.

What's your take on this?

Do you still nurture leads through the funnel and qualify them? Or do you receive enough “handraiser” contact requests so that’s no longer necessary for you?
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Chris Marr
Are you speaking broadly here about the whole of inbound marketing, or more specifically about successful inbound marketing for inbound marketing agencies? 
Patrick Burmeier
Great question: I'm thinking from our perspective as an Inbound Marketing agency. The question is based on our own experience (generating customers with Inbound Marketing for our agency) and based on what we hear from clients/partners/etc. So, it's a bit of both;) 

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