Is it GONG-Time?

Posted January 24, 2023 in

Martin Bredl

Helping companies to run their inbound marketing they alIways dreamt off.

Has anybody made some experience with

Very exciting value proposition: Connect Gong to your CRM, Phone and Zoom. Gong will listen to all your conversations and tell you what is good.

The AI of Gong will tell how to better talk and better behave to win more clients and to make customer happier. 

We are testing Gong at the moment. It would be great to share experiences. 

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Melissa Prickett
Hi Martin Bredl we were on a free trial some time back and we really liked it. We had previously recorded all our calls but this took the administrative work out of it and connected everything all together. We also started to use the extra features that helped us become better in our talk tracks.

We then tried Chorus and ended up subscribing to them. From what I understand they are considerably less expensive and they had the same features.

So maybe something else to consider.
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Connor DeLaney
Becca Manganello   Stefan Christensen   Cristal Drummond , any clients who are using Gong, Chorus, or other call recording tools who could comment on this? Would love to tag some of those folks in :) 
Stefan Christensen
Martin Bredl  I would say, every sales team doing virtual meetings NEEDS a tool like Gong. I personally use Chorus, but the ability to auto-record calls, transcribe the calls, see analytics of the call, and determine what one can do better is ESSENTIAL for a sales rep to thrive and grow. 

For myself personally, I have had a feeling at the end of a call and then went back to watch it and had a completely different perspective after the review. This tool makes sales teams better if they are willing to review their own work and share it with others

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