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Blake Cormier

IT Nerd Turned Content Writer

Hey everyone! In our last Content Manager Mastermind, I mentioned that I'm getting buy-in around conducting monthly interviews with our (regional MSP) service team of about 13 engineers and technicians to drum up some more content ideas. I took Liz's excellent content brainstorm cheat sheet and adapted some of the questions to try to pull some ideas out of those in a more customer service and technical role. I'll be trying it out soon, but I'd love any feedback you have before then!

What are we looking for?
  • Anything that will make our jobs easier in the short- or long-term.
  • Common questions, tech tips, cybersecurity awareness, etc.
  • Goal: More educated leads, clients, and world.
Big Question:
What questions have you been asked recently that should have a piece of content created for it?

More Questions:
  • What questions do you get asked that immediately indicate that someone is “missing a piece of the puzzle” that you wish you could give to them?
  • What are clients pushing back on the most?
  • What are clients’ fears, doubts, and worries when it comes to our company, our services, or technology in general?
  • What are you always having to convince people of?
  • Is this the exact question being asked, in their words?
  • Why are they asking this question?
  • When specifically does this question get asked?
  • Who should be our featured expert? (If not you… explain)
  • Written, video or both?
  • What would make this piece of content a success for you?

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Adam Stahl
That's awesome, Blake! Something that worked for me when I was interviewing and working with more technical folks like engineers and analysts was working through the Content Compass. Though it may be a step just after the one you're currently running, I found that many times when working through the compass with engineers that we were able to segment out additional content on a topic as we honed in the one we were discussing. There were at least a few instances where we were able to create the framework for a whole series of blog posts based around a single topic by working through the Compass together.

Link to the Content Compass -->
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