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Posted May 12, 2022 in
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We are going to start collecting video testimonials from customers. We have many great customers we can approach, which is excellent.

Curious - is there an interview template with questions available through Impact Plus? 

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Connor DeLaney
Firstly, congrats Chris Wastney ! Super exciting stuff to be working to film with customers.

A couple resources that could be helpful here:

Course: How to Create Amazing Case Study Videos
Course: Crafting "Selling 7" Videos that Convert (check out Lesson #2 in particular) 
Resource: Selling 7 Script Templates
The Selling 7: How To Create Customer Journey Videos (+ Examples)

Lindsey Auten Devon McCarty Rolando Vega Tom Fruehsamer John Peter Chua any recommendations, resources, or ideas for customer journey/testimonial videos that you'd add?
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Chris Wastney
Thanks! Super helpful.
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Lindsey Auten
Chris Wastney check out this playlist that  Rolando Vega has of his customer stories! He does a great job of capturing what the company was like before they started working with his team, what they did to implement the work they did with his team, and the state of the company after implementing what they started with his team:
Chris Wastney
Thanks  Lindsey Auten   - do you have any other content geared toward e-commerce websites? We have thousands of products.

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