Individual list views in HubSpot!

Posted August 10, 2022 in

Stephanie Baiocchi

When there's a lot to do, do the hardest thing first

Individual list views are finally coming to HubSpot! I was going to put this in the HubSpot specific community but I think it's great news everyone should know!

This is not individual as in specific to a person but rather to a specific list. See, in the past you could change what columns showed up for a list but if you went to a different list, that same view would show up. Different lists are usually referencing different data points so it was frustrating to jump from list to list with the view always reverting/changing.

Now, you can set columns to show up on specific lists and save them that way! Plus, you can set columns you want to appear on every list, such as email address, even if your list doesn't have a specific view saved.

How will you use individual (and default) list views? Is there a specific time you always want to see certain properties and columns?

Here's the official update from HubSpot:
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