Inbound vs. Outbound Marketing

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As I start to think about future budgets, and how the whole TAYA mindset might change them, I have come up with the question in my mind of how much will we still have to do/spend on "outbound" marketing, like PPC ads, TV, Direct Mail, etc... I understand it will vary by industry, but with us, I'm not sure I see the spend on "traditional" marketing going down much.

We sell a fairly unknown process (to level sunken concrete.) It is sometimes surprising to me how few people even know the technology exists. So, much of our marketing is trying to educate folks that there is an option rather than replacing their concrete (or just living with the trip-hazards.) We will get some inbound (meaning they'll find us) for folks that are searching for concrete replacement, but, it can be hard to grab those folks (and hard to get in front of them when that is not what we do.)

I just wondered if there was anyone else here that sells a service like ours--one that is not very well known--and how that affects their marketing spend.
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Craig Keller
The way you're describing the product leads me to believe that video/youtube is going to be huge for you guys. Sounds like the type of product you need to see to believe, and also a solution to a problem someone might be looking to learn how to resolve via youtube videos.
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Dale Pease

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