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Morgan VanDerLeest

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Howdy and welcome to IMPACT+!

Please share your thoughts and questions here. And if you run into an issue, include a screenshot for reference :)

Looking forward to supporting y'all, have a great day!
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Zach Basner
I got a 504 error (or some 500 number) when I was changing my avatar. Uploaded my avatar, clicked save, error land.
Morgan VanDerLeest
Welcome to Errorland, population you and anyone else who tried that.
Looking into it, thanks for sharing!
Love  â€¢  
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Morgan VanDerLeest
It looks like the error was on the page you get redirected to after updating your profile. And that is fixed, so this should be also. Let me know if it happens again.
Jessica Palmeri
Another error when clicking on the IMPACT+ logo in the upper left
Joe Rinaldi
I hopped into the meeting a little late, so you might have already explained this, but are we going to be adding any explainer content or video around the roadmap? I'm just curious how people who are coming here for the first time will understand how the roadmap works, why they're filling it out, and what it's helping them build towards.
Morgan VanDerLeest
Great point, Joe. This is on our radar and we're planning to have more extensive videos demoing each feature. But may do something like a GoVideo just to have some kind of explainer at launch.
Jeppe Nyrup
I'm missing Marcus' first session (Part 1) from DSMD?
Morgan VanDerLeest
Sorry about that! Got the live one up as quickly as we could. Should be available for you here: The Proven Roadmap You Need To Achieve Remarkable Results In Any Economic Climate
John Becker
Just a small copy error: on the login screen, 'login' should be two words: log in
Morgan VanDerLeest
Good catch, revised!
mohsin ali
ahmm good catch
Zach Basner
Should the additional resources under each video open in a new tab? Otherwise, I lose the progress of my video when I'm checking those out.
Morgan VanDerLeest
Great call, this has been revised
Melissa Prickett
Marr talks about the resources below in his Assignment Selling course but there are no resources below.
Melissa Prickett
More of a request than a bug, once we click on the announcement "Pardon any old branding! This course was recorded when IMPACT+ was called ThePACT." it pops up every time we go to a new course AND a new section within the course. So we have to click it away to mark each section complete. Not important, just more of an annoyance.
Melissa Prickett
Request: It would be AWESOME to change the speed of the courses. Like in HubSpot or AudioBooks where you can speed up. I actually do want to go slow, but there was one course in particular where the instructor spoke really slow and I would have loved to speed it up.
Melissa Prickett
Only for admins, but I worked at a company that had a learning system for their employees. Does this actually track time spent? B/c you can fast forward (if you wanted to) and if I were a manager and wanted to make sure my employees were actually watching the whole thing, not just marking the course complete.

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