If you're not testing, you're not listening

Posted December 2, 2022 in
One of the more overlooked and powerful features of HubSpot is the ability to easily run A/B tests. 

In HubSpot, you can run A/B tests on:
  • Marketing Emails
  • Call-To-Action (CTAs)
  • Landing Pages
  • Website Pages
Most marketers, (if they run A/B tests) choose the email route, opting not to mess with the website. While it is less stressful to play it safe, HubSpot makes it easy A/B test three (yes, three!) different aspects of your website.

Why is this important? Your website is the greatest part of your sales team, but most organizations simply "set it and forget it". To add to this frustration, marketers expect the website session needle to move, but won't take action to move it.

What does this have to do with listening? Testing IS listening. By running A/B tests, you are listening to your audience, who is telling you what they prefer. AND what they prefer can (and does) change often. What worked a year ago, even a month ago may not work now. By running A/B tests, you'll be able to figure out what does work now.

Now that you're ready to test, but are still a little nervous, start small. Start with a CTA test. Check your CTA data in HubSpot and run a simple test that brings in a color variable or a text change variable. This HubSpot Knowledge Base article will guide you along the way.

Happy Testing! Happy Listening!
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Chris Rivers
 Great point Will! 
It’s so true…without running tests and getting that feedback, there’s no way to know what’s working best right now! 
One of the keys that have helped me is embracing a “tester’s mentality” instead of an “I set it up once and now it’s done” mentality lol. 
So embracing that mental shift is HUGE because the tendency we all slip into is to make a list, check things off, and move on to the next.
So, embracing a “tester’s mentality” and starting small as you advised Will is a crucial first step. 
Love  •  
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