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i hired someone to do my hubspot site they ended up updating a lot of the code. However I can't remember who I used. I am trying to find a way to train my va team to be able to update this code and learn html on vidyard.

Any suggestions for resources?
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Connor DeLaney
Was it a HubSpot partner or a freelancer Chris Greene ? Trying to think of the best way to hunt down who it was.

Also, is there something in particular that is broken with the site or are you just not in love with how it works right now? Wondering if there's some module set up we could figure out with the CMS.

Also, would love if you could share where in particular on your website you're looking to make updates. Linking to your website here in case anyone wants to take a look:

Emily Mermell , Melissa Smith , Carina Duffy Jessica Palmeri Mary Brown any suggestions in particular?
Rebekah Ralston
When/how did you pay them? I would check invoices and see who sent it. 
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Connor DeLaney
Great call,  Rebekah Ralston  
Nick Bennett
Chris Greene you can check the revision history in your HubSpot portal to see who made the changes. They probably still have access to your portal under the "users and teams" menu if you didn't remove them.
Connor DeLaney
Good point  Nick Bennett Chris Greene  have you looked here yet?

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