HubSpot Tier Upgrades Explanation?

Posted July 8, 2020 in
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Connor DeLaney

"If you’re not prepared to be wrong, you’ll never come up with anything original."

Are there any resources out there on what the different HubSpot tiers really offer? I always struggle to find the right answer since there can be a lot of intricacies involved and no way to provide a high-level overview of what upgrading gives me. 
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Joe Bachir
Hey, Connor DeLaney . There are a couple of articles that I always pass on when I get this question.

First is the HubSpot pricing page. I think it does a decent job of giving you a nice table that shows you what you get in each tier-

There is also this pricing guide that breaks down the tools you get in each tier and does a good job of going into who would be a good fit for each tier-

Hope this helps!
Connor DeLaney
This is great  Joe Bachir ! I'll definitely be bookmarking both of these to share down the road. That table in the HubSpot link is the visualization I was looking for :) 

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