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Indecision may or may not be my problem.

Our sales team is pretty wedded to SF as our CRM, but my team uses HS for marketing.  I have always used one platform from the same company, so the data stays clean.  

I'll spare everyone the details of what is happening, but the two are not playing well in the sand together.  The thinking within the company is that the CRM (SF) should be the "one source of truth" and that data should primarily be housed there with data pushing back from SF when entered there and pushed from HS to SF when leads come in.  It's making both of them a mess because of how HS and SF treat leads differently, among other things.

I wanted to do a quick sanity check here and see if what I'm thinking has any holes to be poked in it.  I would appreciate any thoughts.  I think we need to consider both HS and SF as one "source of truth", but at different times in the marketing and sales process.  I would prefer that HS house all marketing leads until they are ready to be converted to SQL and then send the data from HS to SF for sales to work.  Once an opportunity is closed, then I would like the two to communicate back and forth, so marketing can still message through HS for campaigns we do for customer success.  

Does anyone else who uses both platforms approach it this way?

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Nick Bennett
typically we would only push contacts into SF when they raise their hand to talk to sales. if they become a customer, SF updates the property across both instances. 

you can set list enrollment to meet the criteria above for customer marketing messages

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