HubSpot Reporting vs. Google Analytics (and which one should you use)

Posted October 19, 2022 in
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Last month, I sent out this video in a newsletter to some of the companies I work with to answer a question I have been getting a TON, "What is the difference between Google Analytics, and HubSpot Reporting?" I figured that this would also be good to share here.

I am sure many of you have looked at Google Analytics and HubSpot and discovered that some of the metrics don’t match up. Sessions aren’t the same, and website page analytics are off. Well, there is a reason for that, and it might not be an issue at all.

But if that is the case, which one should you look at? 

In the video below, I go over why your Google Analytics and HubSpot reports won’t match, and when you should be looking at either platform.

I also talk about what happens if tracking is way off (that can be an issue) and a recent Google Analytics bot attack that might have your September organic traffic report looking better than it should. Here is the article I reference in the video.

HubSpot also has a good article on why HubSpot analytics and Google Analytics don't match
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