How to see if your forms are performing well

Posted December 16, 2022 in
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One of the best ways to get a good understanding of how a HubSpot form on your website is performing is by checking out the form step completion report.

This report is kind of hidden on the form's performance page and can offer some extremely valuable data on your forms.

It answers these questions:
  • How many people who land on a page with my form are seeing the form
  • How many start interacting with the form
  • How many complete the form

Based on the metrics, you can start seeing where the drop-off might be with your forms. For example, if you aren't getting a ton of submissions on your contact us form, you can see if the issue is people just don't see the form, or if they see it, and don't interact.

That can help you decide whether you should change the location of the form, or the content around it.

Below is an example of one of these reports.
Step Completion Report in HubSpot

Because the titles are cut off, the categories are:
  • Page visits (how many people visited a page the form is on)
  • Visible on screen (how many people that visited saw the form)
  • Interacted with form (clicked into the fields or started filling it out)
  • Submitted (how many ended up submitting the form)

If you haven't already seen this report, head on over to marketing > lead capture > forms > click on the form title > scroll to the form step completion report
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