How to Prepare for Apple’s iOS15 Privacy Changes in HubSpot [Checklist Included]

Posted September 28, 2021 in
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Carina Duffy

All the HubSpot, all the time.

If you haven't heard, Apple's been rolling out new features that allow users to opt out of email tracking, as well as to effectively hide their personal email address (think: burner email addresses)

The big question then becomes: what the heck does this actually mean for me and my email marketing in HubSpot?

Well lucky for you (and me), the HubSpot gods have heard and answered our prayers!

Here's an awesome breakdown of what the updates are and how exactly they'll effect things in HubSpot (like: open rates, contact properties, workflows, etc).

How is everyone else feeling about these updates now that they're actually going live??
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