How to 'make' them ask....?

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Hey TAYA people,
As I am newby here, let me introduce me:
I am running two businesses
1. online course and coaching services to assist marketing leaders on their trajectory towards an accountable way of working as to prove and present marketing's added value to the company's bottom line
2. off line mentoring services for SME (500 K - 20 M) business owners to cooperate with them and their teams while decreasing profit leakages as to become a happier, healthier entrepreneur making more money, yet guarding an awesome work life balance

The amount of relevant content is great, but can be improved of course. 

For the accountability business: Marketing Leaders are not always aware of the necessity of accountability in marketing, especially when their board does not show much interest. 
For the SME services, the business owner is not aware of profit leakage and or is hoping that tomorrow everything will be fine and profitable, or may be the day after tomorrow...

So my question is: If your target audiences are not 'asking' how would you be able to deploy the 'They Ask You Answer' principles?

Best regards,
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Will Schultz
Interesting question!

How do we get people to ask the questions that we want them to ask?
How do we pitch a solution to someone if they don't realize they have a "problem?"

I'll start the conversation with where my head went first, here's a 4-minute video.
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Lucas Doornhein
Glad to see you here  Michiel van de Watering , let's address it in our call tomorrow.

I agree with Will Schultz , you do want to use questions around trigger events to create a more significant need > this will be easier than creating a need from ground zero.

On top of that, you can pro-actively address those questions in your LinkedIn feed, just like Will does here: 
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