:-/ How to deal with those pesky cold prospects that click on your meeting link and DON'T BOOK :-/

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Jennifer Goode

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Do you have an example of what you use to get a response from cold prospects that clicked on your meeting link but don't book? 

I would like to automate an email to them directly since they are likely the best unconverted opportunities we are getting right now.

PS. I have watched trainings on how to optimize the meeting link landing pages and I've also thought about sending video 1:1 but I haven't had time to execute on that yet : )
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Stephanie Baiocchi
I don't think it'll last forever but right now the "oops" email has been performing well. Something like "oops looks like you forgot to book your meeting!" in the email subject line combined with an email asking why they didn't finish booking and giving them a link to do so in case they just got side tracked. 

Also, you could consider an exit intent that pops up when someone goes to leave the page without booking!
Tom DiScipio
Jennifer Goode Hey Jen! Is it fair to assume that these folks haven't given you an email address yet?

If so, I'm thinking adding some sort of exit intent for the meeting page could be a strong way to reengage them. Reason being - it's possible that the only time available on your calendar may not be available on their calendar. And therefore, they exit the page.

I feel like the pop-up window could say something like, "Are you sure you want to leave this page without booking a meeting?" One button could say something like, "I couldn't find a time - let's chat." <---- This could perhaps have them enter their email address and say that someone will reach out to you with X minutes. And the other button could say "Yes I'm sure."

^That's not a perfect example, but it can help the prospect to rethink if they really want to give up on setting an appointment. And again, if you didn't have their email originally, could land you a new contact.

Now if you DID have their email... I'd have TOTALLY different thoughts lol...

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