How to change your Domain Name without harming SEO

Posted May 13, 2021 in
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Martin Bredl

Helping companies to run their inbound marketing they alIways dreamt off.

Hi, we are planning to change our domain name: We started as a PR Agency, but since 7 years we are a pure Inbound Agency. 

We think of A bit long but nothing else is available.

What has been the experience of Impact to switch from impactbnd to impactplus. On ahrefs I see quite  drop in traffic, but ahrefs is not always right ;)

What would you do?


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Dale Pease
Martin, I've done this a few times, but it looks like you already got a complete response on how to do this. I just checked out your website, and wanted to say, even though I don't speak German, I thought the video on your home page was fantastic! Made me want to work with you, just seeing the enthusiasm of you and your team. Nice job!
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Martin Bredl
Thx for your response. I deed we are hiring. Do you speak German?

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