How to change your Domain Name without harming SEO

Posted May 13, 2021 in
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Martin Bredl

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Hi, we are planning to change our domain name: We started as a PR Agency, but since 7 years we are a pure Inbound Agency. 

We think of A bit long but nothing else is available.

What has been the experience of Impact to switch from impactbnd to impactplus. On ahrefs I see quite  drop in traffic, but ahrefs is not always right ;)

What would you do?


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Franco Valentino
Hey  Martin Bredl  Happy Friday!  Vin is absolutely correct - there's a sandbox period where the algorithm looks for trust signals between the migrated domains and will eventually equalize the traffic to the previous levels and beyond.  When Vin mentioned "notify Google of the change", there's a function in Google search console to tell Google that the domain is changing from the old url to the new one.  If you have any questions about any of this just drop it in here!
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Martin Bredl
Could you please clarify where this function in the Google Search Console is?

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