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Hi everyone,

We are creating sales bio videos at CharityEngine and I'm trying to get a sense for how long a video should take to product from start to finish. Assuming it has the subject and some b-roll and some photos of the salesperson's hobbies (here's an example bio video that Impact shared We have a videographer on staff but I'm trying to get a sense for how long this should take to do. Any insights are greatly appreciated.

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Cristal Drummond
👋🏽 Dave, hope you have been well.  Will Schultz @ Lindsey Auten  can certainly provide  some insight here.
Lindsey Auten
Hey Dave, here's a quick video response to your question.  Clara Ferrando Costa   Rolando Vega   Jordan Sanders  what was your average timeline for your bio video projects? 
Dave Martin
Lindsey Auten  This is great and very helpful! Thanks so much!!
Clara Ferrando Costa
Hi Dave,
I won't make them longer than a minute and a half, ideally just one minute.
The point of having those bio videos is to present the staff, and make them more approachable and likeable. What I did was to start with a more work-related part that I linked with something more personal and ended up the video with one fun fact about the person or their hobbies, for example. 
I hope this was helpful!
Dave Martin
Clara Ferrando Costa  Thanks for your response. I was asking more about how long they should take to produce, not necessarily how long they should be. Any thoughts there?
Clara Ferrando Costa
Dave Martin  Usually I prepared a questionnaire that I sent to the person in the video to fill prior to shooting. You can also organize a quick meeting to look at the answers together and decide in what you want to focus. Then, I created a script based on the person answers.

Shooting shouldn't take longer than 1 hour, as the video length is really short. However, some people might need more to become comfortable in front of the camera.

The editing time should be short as well, as we are following a script, it really depends on your videographer video editing skills. The first video of this series will take longer than the rest of them and might be used as a template.

After, a quick review by the person appearing in the video and from the marketing/content manager should be enough before publishing.
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Jordan Sanders
Hey Dave!

My formula for bio videos goes like this:

1. I send a list of 10 questions to the staff member ahead of time, so that they can think about their answers a little bit. I ask the same 10 questions for each video, but sometimes ask follow-up questions too.
2. I schedule 1 hour to film the video. This includes sitting down for the "interview" portion where I simply ask them the 10 questions, and shooting some b roll. At the end, I ask the employee to send me some personal photos the pertain to things they mentioned in the interview. 
3. Editing usually takes me 1 1/2 to 3 hours for each video. This can vary based on the length of the answers you get. The first video I did took longer as I was determining the style I wanted all bio videos to have. By the last employee's bio video I was flying through the editing process.
4. I send a draft to the employee to make any minor changes before publishing.

Here are 2 of my favorites:
Dave Martin
Jordan Sanders  This is great input! And I love the videos you shared. Some characters that work at CSI Accounting! Any chance you can share the 10 questions you ask each person?
Jordan Sanders
Dave Martin Sure thing! 
  1. Introduce yourself in a sentence or two. (Name, Title, When you started working here)
  2. What’s your role at CSI Accounting and Payroll?
  3. What does your day-to-day look like?
  4. What are the problems you help clients solve?
  5. Why do you love your job?
  6. What’s the most fulfilling part?
  7. What do you like to do in your free time?
  8. Could you share 1 or 2 lesser known/interesting facts about yourself?
  9. Favorite Movie/Book/TV show?
  10. Anything else that you would like to include?
Sometimes the order in which the answers are edited together move around, depending on what you get. 

Dave Martin
Jordan Sanders  This is great. Thanks so much for being willing to share! Much appreciated.
Rolando Vega
Hi Dave,

Everything everyone else has posted is great, especially what Jordan and Clara shared. I personally am a bit of a video pirate and I usually go rogue with pre-production on these kinds of things and don't send anything ahead of time. 90% of the time it works out for me. I usually just schedule an hour with the person and ask them the questions for the first time.

After doing over 200 sit-down interviews in my career, my preference is not to give people questions ahead of time because it creates a more authentic and organic conversation style. But after marrying an introvert, I can understand how that could make an introvert panic. So my goal is still the same: to provide a space where they feel comfortable enough to have a conversation. If you have any overly anxious people on your team, giving them generic questions ahead of time should help. But my hope is that one hour can still lend itself to organic conversations and "let's see where this goes" kind of interviewing. Two cameras and b-roll will also cover up any mistakes.

Just my two cents.
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Dave Martin
Rolando Vega Excellent feedback and insights. Thank you so much. I'll ask you the same question that I asked Jordan Sanders . Can you share the questions you've found to work best for these sales bio interviews?

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