How I came up with my "best of" article title

Posted January 19, 2021 in
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Steve Polito

Ruby on Rails Developer, 8+ Years of Web Development Experience

I just wrote my "best of" article as part of my journey in writing "The Big 5" and spent a lot time trying to figure out what the most effective title would be. The customers I'm trying to target don't necessarily know that they need "website archiving", and therefor don't search that phrase.

However, since I know what it's like to be a customer in the "website archiving" space, I've typically searched for the phrase "best Wayback Machine alternatives" when I was in the research phase. The Wayback Machine is the most popular website archiving software available, and therefor that's what people will think to search against.

I was quickly validated when I saw that 2 of my competitors had created articles referencing the Wayback Machine. Rather than simply using the same titles they were using, I decided to add more context to my title. So, instead of titling my article "Best Wayback Machine Alternatives", I titled it "Best Wayback Machine Alternatives in 2021 (Features and Prices)". I made sure to keep the slug timeless by removing the date.

I'm excited to see what happens since both go my competitors rank in the top 5 on Google.

P.S. Adam Stahl I made sure to take your advice by adding some "why me" aspects into the introduction.

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Kayleigh Mihalko
Nice article! I did not realize there were so many alternatives. I too have had to resort to Wayback Machine for a few clients to retrieve information. 
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Steve Polito
Kayleigh Mihalko The Wayback Machine is such an unbelievable piece of technology. I couldn't believe it was real when I first stumbled upon it.

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