🎥 How has video changed the way you go about your work?

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Adam Stahl

"The man who moves a mountain begins by carrying away small stones." —Confucius.

I recently finished recording and sending a 5-minute video to our sales team to walk through a new email campaign that starts today. This campaign “roll-out” was the video (with animated thumbnail) and a bit of summary text in an email. That's it and the response to it has been positive.
It hit me that a year or two ago this would’ve been a 30-60-minute video meeting or an in-person one where everyone had their laptops. That blew. my. mind.
I noticed I'm using short videos in place of things that may have been lengthy meetings before as well. It's also my go-to when I experience that “this is getting way too complicated” friction writing an email.
My Vidyard library confirms that shift when looking at videos recorded each year:
2019 – 3
2020 – 25
2021 so far - 13
Again, this is mind blowing to me because of how easy and natural it seems now. I used to avoid turning on my camera for recordings or meetings. Now, to quote Brian Fanzo, I instead “push the damn button”.
How has video affected your work recently?
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Jack Nunziato
Yes VidYard is incredibly powerful for professional services!! Most consumers haven't ever seen this type of personalized communication style so it really brings that WOW factor. Keep at it!
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