How do you keep your signature from sucking? Are you positioning for upsells and booking meetings?

Posted November 22, 2021 in
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Jennifer Goode

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I came across this signature example from a HubSpot Enablement Agency and I really loved the simplicity and functionality of the signature but I'd like mine to be less "ME"-oriented. What are your favorite signature elements??? We need to up our game for nurturing emails, new sales, consulting, and account management!
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Connor DeLaney
The most important element for me is articulating clear value, which typically comes in a visual element. As with the example here, there's clear visual value with an action step. Whether it be an E-book, a learning center (huge opportunity), or a Contact us button, make sure it's visually inviting and super clear what that next step is.

Another option I've found some success with and hear a lot about from Donald Miller is a P.S. section after the signature. For example, at the bottom of our weekly IMPACT+ DIGEST emails, I cycle through a couple of variations of the attached to say "oh and don't forget" which has been enticing for members of our community. Nothing earth-shattering but it reinforces the option.
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Adam Stahl
A step we had taken in my previous role to be more personalized, timely, and helpful was to implement a dynamic signature solution such as from Sigstr or Opensense.

By using lists, domains, employee group segmentation, and other included features, we were at least able to provide the right content at the right time to the right people and not a one-size-fits-all approach.

We were also exploring intro videos in signatures. Though that initially may come off as "me", the script/prompts for them were "you" focused. "
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Jennifer Goode
Did you feel like the return was worth the investment of your time in the end?
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Adam Stahl
In my case, an equally important aspect of moving to one of those services (we went with Opensense) was to standardize and streamline the creation, management, compliance, and rollout of email signatures company-wide.

Prior to that, I had to individually handcraft and apply each employee's email signature in a roughly 40 person company. This included every time there was a title change, branding update, general offer change, or anything like that.

The ability to personalize and customize signatures granularly based on sender or recipient was the other benefit/feature/desire that we were looking to solve at the same time with our undertaking.

I mention this because I'm having a hard time separating those two needs in my mind but overall, yes, I was happy with the investment on both fronts. Statistically, our CTR also went up with the new more personalized email signature banner experience vs. the static ones we were using previously.

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