How do you keep your signature from sucking? Are you positioning for upsells and booking meetings?

Posted November 22, 2021 in
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Jennifer Goode

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I came across this signature example from a HubSpot Enablement Agency and I really loved the simplicity and functionality of the signature but I'd like mine to be less "ME"-oriented. What are your favorite signature elements??? We need to up our game for nurturing emails, new sales, consulting, and account management!
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Connor DeLaney
The most important element for me is articulating clear value, which typically comes in a visual element. As with the example here, there's clear visual value with an action step. Whether it be an E-book, a learning center (huge opportunity), or a Contact us button, make sure it's visually inviting and super clear what that next step is.

Another option I've found some success with and hear a lot about from Donald Miller is a P.S. section after the signature. For example, at the bottom of our weekly IMPACT+ DIGEST emails, I cycle through a couple of variations of the attached to say "oh and don't forget" which has been enticing for members of our community. Nothing earth-shattering but it reinforces the option.

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