How do you go about historical optimizations for sales enablement content?

Posted October 30, 2020 in
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Connor DeLaney

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Hey everyone! I'm working on identifying articles for a client that they should optimize to be more updated to present-day situations but also so it is more sales enabling than purely Top of Funnel information. 

To give more context, the sales team isn't fully bought in just yet and it'd be hard to ask them to find articles they need updated, so instead, I'm jumping in to help start the process. 

Would love to hear the experiences you've had for optimizing content in this way and perhaps when you bring in Sales in that process?
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Kevin Phillips
Reviewing the analytics of pages is always a good place to start.
For sales enablement pieces, I'd look at metrics like time on page and bounce rates.
If a sales person is sending prospects to specific pages, I'd want to see how many people are actually reading the content and if it's enticing them to take further action.
If the dwell time is low, people must not be seeing the value in reading the content. The average person reads 200-250 words per minute. Check your word count and divide by this number.
If the bounce rate is high, we need to make sure we have quality links to related content and CTAs that really cater to the next best steps for people to take. 

If sales people are sending these links to prospects in emails, you can segment the views of the pages by email views only. That way you're not including organic traffic, social traffic, paid traffic, etc.

So there's my two cents. What about the rest of ya'll?
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