How Do We Use Vidyard to Track Individuals and What They are Watching?

Posted July 11, 2021 in

Larry Kagan

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We just started using Vidyard and can see analytics about our videos. However, we want to see on an individual level, what videos and how many videos a particular person/prospect watched. We ask for their email address b4 they watch and allow them to skip entering their email if they wish. Is this the best practice or is there a better way to track how long and what each person is watching? Is tracking analytics for individuals a HubSpot thing, a Vidyard thing, or a combo of both?
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Nick Bennett
Larry Kagan -- when you log in to you can see individual contacts and the videos they watched. alternatively, if you have the HubSpot integration, you can see this info directly on the contact timeline in HubSpot.   

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