How are others implementing their first Selling Seven Strategy?

Posted July 22, 2020 in
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Hey all!

I've been helping a ton of clients build out their first list of Selling Seven videos that they plan to add to their website, and it's a fun but frustrating conversation to start because it ALWAYS leads to bigger conversations beyond just video....

We go from having a "What videos should we add to our website?" conversation, to a "How do I want people to actually navigate through my website and what pages or pieces of content are currently missing that many people need before they'll actually reach out?"....... Which is SUCH a bigger conversation than video, but it's tied directly to the strategy of website videos.

I've found that many people have not ever viewed their website as an intentional path or an experience, but instead they treat it like a "roam as you please" archive of info. When they start to build the path out, they realize just how much required information is missing on their site.

It's a bittersweet realization EVERY TIME.

If you've watched my course on the Selling Seven Mastery, then you understand the idea of this "video framework" - the flowchart of content that sets your website up into an intentional path.

Here are a few of my recent client's first attempts at their own Selling Seven Frameworks:

Selling Seven Framework Example 1.pdf

Selling Seven Framework Example 2.numbers347 KB

Selling Seven Framework Example 3.jpg

I'd love to see some more examples from others regarding how your first cut at Selling Seven videos turned out, and whether this exercise has made you realize that you need more information on your website than there currently is :)

Looking forward to seeing everyone's growing list of needed video content! I'm happy to give feedback on anyone's first iterations!

Hint: K.I.S.S. (Keep it simple, sailor)
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John Becker
That organization chart is awesome! Thanks for sharing  Will Schultz .

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