Hope everyone's enjoying the new features of IMPACT+!

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Bob Ruffolo

CEO of IMPACT, student of marketing, sales, leadership and people, avid reader, needs to pick better sports teams.

Today, we're very proud to release some pretty huge improvements here at IMPACT+. The way we think of IMPACT+ is that it's a learning community. Over the last 6 months, we're released a ton of learning materials to help you develop digital sales and marketing mastery, and today, we're rolling out an improved system for you to co-learn, meet and engage with peers, support each other, and grow together. We hope you enjoy these new social features of IMPACT+, and I promise you, we have A LOT more on the backlog to continue to help you grow and have a great experience in IMPACT+. 
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Chris Carolan
This platform is truly brilliant and I am thankful that it exists. Not only as a place to learn and network but as an example of how to do platforms like it well.

I have asked Marc Amigone  Several times how much it would cost to license it. Let me know when you figure that out.😁 
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Bob Ruffolo
Thanks,  Chris Carolan  We've had several requests like this, and although it's not on our short term roadmap, it could be an option down the road. Thanks for the kind words and your interest!
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