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I am looking for some resources around pop ups. I will be offering a pdf download for an email. 

I want to know how long should I wait until I show them the same pop up again. 1 day 2 days etc?

Is a pop up good or is a whole page takeover better?

I will be triggering these on exit intent. 
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Pol Cousineau
I recommend a normal pop up rather than whole page takeover which is typically too disruptive. If you do the whole page takeover than add transparency to keep some of the page context visible.

Wait at least 10 seconds before firing the exit intent as otherwise the user really doesn't have enough context and it will cause a negative experience for most visitors. Short timed popups will hurt your business in the long run.

I would set a secondary condition as well, after all there should be a good reason to sign up other than leaving the page! You could use a button click, wait 30 seconds or perhaps scroll 50% if the context is an article.

To show it again, I would wait 7 days but it depends on how often people visit your site. If the popup shows every other day and the user declines it will be too aggressive for a frequent visitor. Once a week should be "normal" but it depends on your business and website. A couple weeks could make more sense...

If a person registers, stop showing it for a long period of time, i.e. 90 days or complete disable it.
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Connor DeLaney
Kevin Phillips or  Melanie Moore what would some pop-up or engagement best practices be here for this kind of offer in your expert opinions? 

I'll personally echo a lot of what  Pol Cousineau  said, especially with that secondary condition and the scroll. Scrolling after a certain percent of the page (25-50% tends to be a good benchmark). 

I'm also curious what your website is built on? More curious than anything else! 

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