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Hello! I recently wrote an article and pitched it to our local newspaper for an upcoming insert specific to my industry. Great news is that the editor liked it and is going to publish it! Bad news is that due to space constraints she had to significantly reduce the length of the article. I understand the minimal approach for the newspaper article, but there's a lot of good stuff in the full article that I really want to post on our blog. However, it doesn't make a ton of sense without the very specific parts that are going to run in the newspaper article. 

I'm not sure that a canonical link makes sense here since the article on the blog would have significantly more content than the newspaper article, but I also don't want to risk getting penalized by Google for duplicating the half that is being published.

How would you handle this? Should I just accept that when I write for a newspaper I can' re-use/expand on the content - or is there a good way to approach this? 
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Brian Casey
Hey  Stephanie Hurd - I think this is a situation where you might link to the newspaper article, but not necessarily provide a canonical link (because it's substantively different). 

What I'd recommend is using some language at the beginning or at the end of the article that mentions that portions of this article were originally posted elsewhere (and then include the link), but stop short of adding a canonical tag.

Kind of similar to the way I reference back to the original IMPACT article here, even though it's the same exact thing (
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Adam Stahl
Good morning Stephanie Hurd ,

Congratulations on the media coverage!

I know that feel and we've been there before a few times.

Here's a recent example of how we handled a similar scenario where we submitted an article to a local paper and they only ran a portion of it - (I don't know why this hyperlink is being shortened to just a domain but I promise it goes to an individual blog post)

Note the "see a condensed version of this article as it ran in The Hartford Courant" that kicks off the post.

We've also tackled it in this manner with the "addendum" on the bottom and speaking specifically to the point that the published article covered a certain focus but the author wanted to elaborate or add this additional point - (I don't know why this hyperlink is being shortened to just a domain but I promise it goes to an individual blog post that's different than the one above)

Finally, and I can't readily find an example of it at the moment, if the article is a numbered tips type of write-up ("X things that [types of business] should do to [avoid specific pain]" for example) and they don't use all of our tips (maybe they only run 4 out of 6 due to space) we'll angle the blog post as "bonus content" that didn't make the print version.
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Stephanie Hurd
This is great  Adam Stahl  ! Thanks for the tips and examples. You guys are so good at generating media coverage! 
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Adam Stahl
Thanks Stephanie Hurd and happy that I could help! 😁

Please share the link when it's published so we can all check it out!
Katherine Garratt

I'd rewrite the part that was published (to avoid annoying the newspaper and duplication) and post it onto a PR distribution platform - see if any other publications pick up on it. You can often add a link back to your website within the article on the PR distribution site and it may get picked up by Google News if find a good paid for platform. It depends on the article though. Good luck :)
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