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Today, I got this text from my 17 year old son, Rob. (The school name has been blurred out to protect the guilty)

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The Smith family has seen a lot of college recruiting emails. 

I have 3 kids. A sophomore already in college, a senior and a junior in high school. We've all seen plenty of college recruiting emails, most are pretty forgettable. 

But which emails stand out? Simply put, the ones that are on opposite ends of the quality email spectrum. 

We remember the email from the college professor who took the time to tell my daughter, my wife and myself how much she enjoyed our conversation at the open house we attended. (Coincidentally, my daughter will be attending this school in the fall). 

We also remember emails that are quickly sent out to thousands of high school juniors and seniors with important details missing. Details like, my first name. 

Marketing software and automation can help you reach more people faster, helping you get your job done efficiently, but, you cannot overlook the details. Mistakes like this could have been caught by testing or simply asking a colleague to take a look at the email before you send it out. 

This school was never in the running for Rob, but this email made him feel like just another number. Is that the best way to begin a relationship or establish trust? 

We are all trying to do things better, faster and more efficiently, but please, take a moment to double-check, even triple check, that email before hitting the send button. 
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Chris Rivers
You're so right Will! Just like you, as parents of teenagers, I've seen dozens of emails and letters that are generic and filled with obvious and irrelevant boilerplate sentences and sections. It definitely reflects poorly on the sending organization and communicates that they didn't care enough to proofread or test it. We also have never taken up any of those offers. Measure twice and cut once comes to mind.
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