Have you ever had to recover corrupted footage?

Posted August 20, 2020 in
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I recently came back from a day of filming to find that one of my files was corrupted. For some strange reason my card wrote two files for the same video (even though I did not have that function on) and I was able to get my footage off my card and on to a timeline. I'm interested in knowing if anyone has any methods of recovering corrupt footage or salvaging a corrupt card as I feel like I may run into this problem again later on and I won't be so lucky.
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Connor DeLaney
Since I'm not a videographer, I don't unfortunately.  However, I'll tag some friends who may have some tips or methods that could help (or at the very least may have experience with this). 

Megan Lang   Alex Winter   Will Schultz   Zach Basner Lindsey Auten Do any of you folks have experience with this and have some methods for saving footage? 
Megan Lang
Oh boy, glad you were lucky with that time! I haven't had any good experiences unfortunately. sometimes if a card won't read i've used a different card reader and was able to salvage it, but that's about it for me!
Zach Basner
Jameson Killen that's a million-dollar question, my friend. :-) Fortunately, I've never had this happen. Probably will now that I said that.

My best advice for anyone:
  • Don't record a days worth of footage without stopping to transfer files along the way. Better to catch the problem sooner than later.
  • Don't buy cheap SD cards. (There are also a lot of knock offs floating around on Amazon that aren't legit brand name products even though they look like them. I've been a victim of this!)
  • If you're purchasing new camera equipment, consider buying a cinema cam that will record directly to a solid state drive (SSD). Less chance of a failure with it.

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