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Blake Cormier

IT Nerd Turned Content Writer


I'm looking for some ideas or information on where to start with hiring some additional help for the marketing team.

The Background: I work for a regional IT company (managed service provider) based in Virginia. My title is "content manager", but I'm more of a one-man marketing department at this point. I work closely with the CEO to develop content and execute our inbound + TAYA strategy. Right now I do nearly all of the content writing, plus a lot of other tasks like updating the website, tweaking HubSpot, developing lead magnets, etc. I enjoy the work but the "one man circus" thing is limiting our publishing cadence for strictly TAYA content -- which I know is going to hurt us in the long run.

We also have an outside marketing company who built a new website for us back in September. We're under contract with them for about six more months for "SEO strategy" and "ongoing content development" -- but their content is pretty underwhelming especially by TAYA standards, and I'm not too sure about their SEO strategy either. We also get a quarterly marketing collateral project from them -- a short video or a glossy brochure. Again, they look nice but there's not much substance there from a TAYA or inbound standpoint.

So my boss and I got talking about it, and for what we're paying the marketing company, we could easily hire an additional internal marketing person and be in a better position content-wise. We are going to explore the idea for a while and make a decision by April 1 whether to hire or re-up with the marketing company.

My thought is to hire a junior-level person who can write well, has some technical aptitude, and perhaps do some design work as a bonus. We'd have them shoot for say two blog posts a week, plus train them on doing some of the fiddly bits in HubSpot and Wordpress like pulling reports, qualifying leads, and updating pages. And maybe make some pretty graphics too, if they're so inclined.

That would free up my time to focus on high-value content (white papers, case studies, pillar pages, etc.), strategy (designing funnels and sequences, setting up automation, etc.) and the more manager-y part of the content manager role (maintaining the calendar, wrangling SMEs, etc.)

So, I'd love to hear about your experiences in growing your team, or your thoughts on our situation. Does (further) insourcing make sense here? Do the roles I've outlined sound workable? Any ideas on job titles or descriptions for the new position?

And of course, content -- I'd love to read an article that answers all my questions if you have one to share! 

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Jack Nunziato
Huge, positive step and would like to keep updated on your dilemma here! I think hiring internally brings a ton of great value. Just have to ensure you're hitting the metrics and creating regular pieces. Working in tandem with a content partner can yield great results (we have two team members on our content marketing team a the moment!)

Nice work Blake
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Blake Cormier
Thanks Jack for the feedback!

We definitely see the value of in-house content vs. outsourced, especially with both right there on our site together.

I guess I just want to know if the content creation empire I'm envisioning is going to line up with reality -- making sure I'm not asking too much of myself or our potential hire.

Can I ask what the structure/roles of your marketing team look like right now?
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