Google's new update to results pages

Posted December 15, 2022 in
Has everyone seen the update Google rolled out to desktop search pages earlier this month? For a while now mobile has been a continuous scroll experience, but desktop stayed locked into 10 result pages.  

Now they’ve pushed that update to desktop results as well. Meaning, instead of clicking to page 2 after ten results… you’ll just scroll on down.  

So what?  

This small update could potentially drive some big changes for folks stuck at the top of page 2 previously. Now instead of being locked behind a click, users are way more likely to see your page in the results. 

This article goes into a bit more detail for those curious.

What, if any, changes have you seen in traffic since this has rolled out? It’s something I’ll be closely monitoring over here.  

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Nick Burrage
not showing up in the UK yet but interested to see what happens.

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